After Usain Bolt won another three gold medals at the Rio Olympics, rumors swirled that he was hooking up with women left and right. It would appear that the gossip — whether true or not — did not bother Bolt’s longtime girlfriend.

Bolt, who is vacationing in Bora Bora this week with his girlfriend Kasi Bennett, shared a photo on Snapchat that was captioned “she said yes” and included an emoji of a bride wearing a veil. The Daily Mail shared a screenshot:


Bolt posted another photo that featured him and Bennett toasting with the caption “The only person that matter #vacation.”

Near the end of the Olympics, Bolt was spotted frequenting nightclubs and dancing with women. Dozens of women were also seen coming in and out of his hotel rooms, and one of them shared photos that seemed to indicate Bolt cheated on Bennett.

At the start of the Olympics, Bolt’s sister said she expected the Jamaican sprinter to propose to Bennett when he returned home. It sounds like her prediction was accurate.

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