LeBron James

LeBron James doesn’t think anything can be done about players resting during the grind of an NBA season.

James, who was one of those who sat out Saturday’s Cavaliers game against the Los Angeles Clippers, said that while he understands the complaints, he doesn’t think there’s much the league can do, writing it off as a simple necessity.

“I don’t think the NBA can do anything about it,” James said Sunday, via Dave McMenamin of ESPN. “At the end of the day, it sucks at times where certain guys have to rest, but certain guys need rest.

“And it’s a long, strenuous season and the NBA does a great job of putting the schedule together as best as they can. You’re going to have back-to-backs. You’re going to have certain games where certain things fall on certain nights, but a coach’s job is to figure out a way for their team to compete for a championship, not compete for a game.”

This subject has really blown up lately after two nationally-televised games in the span of a week in which teams rested star players. One coach wants to see the league look at their scheduling, but James doesn’t seem to think that’s the problem — or at least that not much can be done to fix it.

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