Over the past 25 years or so, I’ve been collecting links to some of the best Fantasy Football draft tools available on the Internet.

We’re all probably good enough to step into any Fantasy Football draft and pick a competitive team, but why hamstring yourself against competition that’s using their own draft tools?

An NFL General Manager has an Assistant GM, a team of scouts, and a staff of coaches at his disposal, helping him know who to pick when in the team’s draft war room. So why shouldn’t you build your own Fantasy draft war room, and bookmark all of these draft tools.

9 Fantasy Football Draft Tools Worth Checking Out

These Fantasy draft tools will help owners in all different types of leagues, and some can even be useful in-season, as well. Most of these tools are also free, with premium features you can add onto your account that are even more useful.

1. Draft Wizard’s Mock Draft Tool and Draft Assistant

Without question, this has become the Swiss Army Knife of Fantasy Football draft tools. First, we’ll start with the FREE mock draft tool, which allows you to set your league’s settings (or import them from your draft site), and run through a one-man Fantasy mock draft (at wherever you choose to pick) in 20 minutes. This will give you a great idea of how your draft will go – and it will help you understand which players might be available at which rounds … and it’s FREE!

DraftWizard - Fantasy Football Draft Tools

The Draft Assistant is something you sync up with your league’s draft site, like ESPN, CBS or Yahoo!, and it helps guide you through the draft, showing you who all Fantasy Football experts would pick in percentages, and you can use the “Pick Predictor” to see the odds of any available player being there for your NEXT draft pick. That helps you figure out who you should take with your current pick, too!

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